Current report No 7/2021


Determination of the consolidated text of the Bank’s Articles of Association

In reference to Current report no. 23/2020 of 24 September 2020, Getin Noble Bank S.A. (“Bank”) informs that Bank’s Supervisor Board, acting on the basis of Article 430 § 5 of the Code of Commercial Companies and authorization contained in resolution no. XXIX/29/05/2020 of the Ordinary General Meeting of Issuer dated 29 May 2020 (“OGM”), adopted consolidated text of the Bank’s Articles of Association including changes introduced by way of §1 items (2) and (3) Resolution No. XXIX/29/05/2020 OGM.

The Bank’s Articles of Association were amended in such a way that items (23) and (24) in § 4 section 3 were modified to read as follows:

  • 23) provide payment transaction initiation services,
  • 24) provide account information access services.

Consolidated text of the Issuer’s Articles of Association adopted by Issuer’s Supervisor Board is attached as annex to this report.

Legal basis: § 5 (1) with reference to § 6 (4) of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of March 29th, 2018 concerning current and periodical information published by issuers of securities and terms of recognizing as equivalent information required by laws of a non-Member State

Articles of Association