Current report 36/2020


Update of confidential information regarding the purchase of the lease receivables portfolio

Further to current report No 19/2020 of 13 August 2020 and No 26/2020 of 30 September 2020, as well as the recent correspondence exchanged with Idea Bank S.A, Getin Noble Bank S.A. informs that due to failure to establish the terms of purchase of lease and loan receivables from Idea Bank S.A., which have been acquired earlier by that company, and taking into consideration the circumstances that affect the possibility to execute the transaction, especially the turmoil caused by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and its influence on the market participants, the agreement will not be finalised within the deadline agreed in the letter of intent, i.e. until 31 December 2020.

Consequently, the letter of intent concerning the purchase of the lease and loan receivables concluded between Getin Noble Bank SA and Idea Bank SA on 13 August 2020 will expire on 1 January 2021.

Legal basis: Article 17(1) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on market abuse.