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Getin Bank provides services to individual clients, small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments, housing associations and corporations.

Offer of Getin Bank, due to its complexity and innovatively, is intended for customers seeking modern and accessible financial products, simplified procedures and competent service – also after sales. Regularly Bank achieves top places in most relevant rankings of customer service.



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In Poland the name Noble Bank has become synonymous with private banking owing mainly to the exceptional quality of the wide range of services offered by the Noble Bank Group companies: Noble Concierge, Noble Markets, Noble Securities and Noble Funds.

Noble Bank’s wide range of services and its team of advisors with experience in the international financial market has been for years a benchmark in private banking sector. Applying individualized approach to needs of each client the bank's experts always find optimal solutions that guarantee accomplishment of business goals. Within complex approach to financial management Noble Bank provides also real estate and investment consulting, legal and tax support and art banking offered by Noble Funds TFI, Noble Securities, Noble Concierge and Noble Markets.



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Noble Funds Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych offers innovative and customized approach to asset accumulation. Specialised in creating and management of investment funds, Noble Funds TFI SA offers investment strategies tailored to the investor's preferences.



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Noble Securities S.A. guarantees comprehensive support in transactions in financial instruments – brokerage, customized investment opportunities, and complex service in shares issues, from raising capital, to public relations campaign. Flexible solutions promote growth and therefore Noble Securities S.A. is one of the fastest growing brokerage houses in the market. The company significantly expands its business area launching systematically still new investment products and expanding its sales networks.



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Noble Concierge is a unique service catering for needs of special status clients, guaranteeing the top standard service – from comprehensive assistance services, making customised orders around the world, to assistance in everyday life. It is the ambition of Noble Concierge service to always provide solutions that match our clients' lifestyle.