Getin Noble Bank actively supports charitable organisations that help children most in need. Our strategy of social activities focuses on improving the quality of life for disadvantaged children or children living in impoverished families. We believe that, with our commitment and support, we can contribute to building a society of equal opportunities where every child can count on a helping hand.

Oxford Noble Fundation

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The Contemporary Polish Studies Programme at Oxford University, created by Dr Leszek Czarnecki and Getin Noble Bank in co-operation with St. Anthony's College, was officially initiated on 24 October 2012. The programme was set up in response to the challenge of strengthening Poland's position in international relations – it is the first in the history programme that has been devoted to contemporary Poland and its transformations after 1989 which is to be carried out abroad on such a scale.

The bank, within its corporate social responsibility policy and in making a donation of PLN 6 million to the Programme, announced that private banking clients and corporate clients would be engaged in the project for the long term. To this end, the St. Antony’s College Oxford Noble Foundation has been set up.

Initiating the Contemporary Polish Studies Programme at Oxford University is a landmark for building Poland's position in the international arena. It is to be a workshop of "ambassadors and friends of contemporary Poland" – a place where the future leaders and decision-makers from all over the world who are studying at this most prestigious of European educational institutions will be able to learn about Poland as a regional leader, rather than a country entangled in a difficult history, and first of all – establish relations.

The Programme has won eminent ambassadors from among the international world of science as well as recognised Polish authorities of the twenty years since Poland’s regained independence, such as Professor Timothy Garton Ash, Professor Norman Davies, and Professor Margaret MacMillan, Warden of St. Antony’s College, where the Programme will be taught. Honorary patrons of the Programme are former Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a symbol of the Polish transformation, and Professor Zbigniew Pełczyński, a reputable Polish professor at the University of Oxford who has been supporting Polish students for years.

Leszek Czarnecki Foundation

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The Jolanta and Leszek Czarnecki Foundation was inaugurated in 2007 in Wrocław. The Foundation, a non-profit NGO, is committed to help children and youth in a broad sense, and in specific cases also to other types of charity. Getin Noble Bank staff support the Foundation objects engaging into promotion of its projects.

The main objects of the Jolanta and Leszek Czarnecki Foundation comprise:

  • Help for children and youth in difficult life and financial situation by realizing the idea of equal opportunities.
  • Supporting exceptionally talented representatives of the young generation by financing grants and scholarship programmes.
  • Activities for the befit of children and youth injured in consequence of accidents and diseases supporting their recovery and returning to their environments.
  • The Foundation has already donated PLN 5 million to its beneficiaries.

Further information on the Foundation is available here: